The Jeremy Lin Story: A Different Perspective

Jeremy Lin has been dominating the Sportscenter highlights lately with his great drives and phenomenal passing. People on Sportscenter continually debate over whether he can keep this up, and make dumb comparisons, like those between him and Tim Tebow.

In this writer’s opinion, enough is enough. I have no problem with the story; it’s a great story and it is refreshing to see such a great guy succeed in a day and age where many athletes are looked upon as dumb thugs without any sense of morals (which by the way, is not my opinion and is far from the truth). Why, when a good guy succeeds, does all the focus have to be on “how long is this going to last?” I feel like people spend most of their time being less impressed by Lin’s play and just act surprised. While I admit I was shocked, at this point, it should be no surprise. We need to just admit he is a good player and talk about what he does well, just as we talk about other players; stop treating him differently. And please quit the Tebow comparisons, it’s so stupid to compare “completion” percentage to “shooting percentage”. Anytime I see this I am forced to turn it off the television; I can’t bear to see such stupidity. Here’s to hoping the media leaves Lin alone and that he can focus on what should be the most important things in his life: his friends, his family, and basketball.


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One Response to The Jeremy Lin Story: A Different Perspective

  1. marlinman35 says:

    I hate the Lin-Tebow comparison. Lin is actually good and talented, its a shame ESPN loops them together.

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