What the Problem With Bounties is

Over the past several days, there has been much made about the rewards made for injuring players. Darren Woodson on ESPN this morning made the claim that such agreements have always existed in NFL locker rooms, but that such agreements never rewarded players for actually injuring somebody. Woodson appears to try to marginalize the impact of the bounties, but I think anyone can see the obvious differences between rewards for playing the game correctly, and intentionally trying to injure somebody.

Mike Golic also appears to defend the bounties. How could you possibly reward anyone for injuring somebody? It’s one thing to reward a big play. such as a big hit or an interception. There’s something wrong if people are being rewarded for knocking somebody our the game. If on a good, hard hit, a player is knocked out, I believe the defender should be rewarded. However, why should they be rewarded even more for a knockout? Is it not the same either way as a clean, hard hit that doesn’t knock someone out of the game? The reward for a big hit should be the same, whether or not someone is forced onto the sideline or not as a result. For the record, I believe that Roger Goodell is a cancer on this league, but I also believe at least a fine, if not a suspension should be forced upon Greg Williams. I like a reward system, but not one that rewards injury causing hits.


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