Tebow Time Isn’t Up Just Yet

After weeks of speculation and dominating the headlines of Sportscenter, the Denver Broncos have finally won the Manning sweepstakes. Despite the love of the fans for every father’s dream son-in-law, it appears as though “Tebow Time” is up in Denver. However, does this mean that Tebow Time is up everywhere? In my opinion, absolutely not.

While some people believe that Tebow lacks the ability to be an NFL quarterback, what they do not realize is that Tebow brings so much more to a franchise that what he leaves on the field. Economically, Tim Tebow is a boon. To a struggling franchise such as the Browns or the Jaguars, Tebow would be very appealing, not just as an on the field presence, but as the ultimate business decision to revitalize and expand fan bases. Will Denver get any biters in a trade for him? Probably not, I think their asking price will be a bit high, and frankly, everyone knows that he’s as good as cut with Manning on the roster. Teams interested will probably wait until he gets cut.

I wanted Manning to go to the Chiefs, as in my opinion, Kansas City would immediately become a Superbowl contender. With Berry, Johnson, and Tamba Hali on D and Bowe, Charles and Manning on O, not to mention Crennel’s defensive expertise combined with Manning’s surgical approach on offense, the team would have been almost a lock for the playoffs. But alas, instead, he is on the Broncos, where he must bear the responsibility of dethroning the Chosen One from his starting spot. However, don’t get too down Skip Bayless and other Tebow followers, he will get a chance elsewhere after he gets traded or gets cut.



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One Response to Tebow Time Isn’t Up Just Yet

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