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Orioles Check Up and Evaluation

It’s been a while since I last posted on here; life has gotten far busier than I had really anticipated for the last month or so, but I should be able to write far more now that I have more … Continue reading

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Tebow Time Isn’t Up Just Yet

After weeks of speculation and dominating the headlines of Sportscenter, the Denver Broncos have finally won the Manning sweepstakes. Despite the love of the fans for every father’s dream son-in-law, it appears as though “Tebow Time” is up in Denver. … Continue reading

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What the Problem With Bounties is

Over the past several days, there has been much made about the rewards made for injuring players. Darren Woodson on ESPN this morning made the claim that such agreements have always existed in NFL locker rooms, but that such agreements … Continue reading

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Ryan Braun: Cheating is ok Even if You do Get Caught

Today, Ryan Braun’s suspension was overruled due to a “procedural error”. ¬†While many have hailed this decision as evidence that the MLB procedure for drug testing is flawed, I have a very different opinion and find people’s conclusions very disturbing. … Continue reading

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The Jeremy Lin Story: A Different Perspective

Jeremy Lin has been dominating the Sportscenter highlights lately with his great drives and phenomenal passing. People on Sportscenter continually debate over whether he can keep this up, and make dumb comparisons, like those between him and Tim Tebow. In … Continue reading

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The Orioles: The “Off” Season

As promised, I will be writing this first post to evaluate the Orioles offseason as I see it. The first move was one that I was not particularly pleased with: the replacement of our GM Andy MacPhail. MacPhail wasn’t the … Continue reading

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At last, I can finally express some of my thoughts on sports. After being denied by the greatest evaluators of journalism talent on Earth (the Bleacher Report; probably because my submitted article didn’t start with “The 5 reasons that…”), I’ve … Continue reading

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